The World Health Organization states:

"Telehealth involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities. Telehealth, which requires access only to telecommunications, is the most basic element of “eHealth,” which uses a wider range of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Telehealth examples include virtual home health care, where patients such as the chronically ill or the elderly may receive guidance in certain procedures while remaining at home. Telehealth has also made it easier for health care workers in remote field settings to obtain guidance from professionals elsewhere in diagnosis, care and referral of patients. Training can sometimes also be delivered via telehealth schemes or with related technologies such as eHealth, which make use of small computers and internet."

The Digital OT uses secure video-conferencing to provide occupational therapy consultation or intervention to children and/or their families who may find access to facilities difficult due to location and time constraints.

The Digital OT also provides clinical supervision to occupational therapists who are in need of external supervision in the field of paediatrics by means of video-conference.

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