Online Supervision and Mentoring for paediatric occupational therapists

Through secure video-conferencing, therapists can now access external supervision and/or mentoring with ease and after work hours.


According to the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia: supervision is a formal process of professional support and learning which enables a practitioner (supervisee) to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice, and enhance public protection and safety.


The Board defines mentoring as follows: a relationship in which the mentor facilitates the personal and professional growth and development of another practitioner (mentee). Mentoring may also be relevant where a practitioner is changing their scope of practice. The mentor assists with career development and guides the mentee through professional networks. The mentor relationship is considered by the Board to be less formal than that of a supervisor role. There are elements of mentoring in supervision arrangements. (Occupational Therapy Board of Australia, Supervision Guidelines for Occupational Therapy, 20 February 2018)

How is supervision provided through The Digital OT?

When booking supervision through The Digital OT, clinicians create an appointment through the booking form. Once confirmed, a Coviu link will be provided 24 hours before the appointment. Supervision will then commence through video conferencing, with Astrud providing a ready-to-go template for documenting the session as needed.

What areas can The Digital OT support practitioners in?

Astrud has almost 10 years of experience in paediatrics, with a strong passion and interest in supporting children with various diagnoses but most especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning difficulties.

Astrud has training and experience in Sensory Integration, DIR Floortime, Therapeutic Listening, and Social Thinking.

Astrud has also experienced supervision as directed by the OT Board for practitioners who are trained overseas. If you are in need of an external supervisor who can support you with this requirement for registration, Astrud will be able to provide this service according to the guidelines determined by the Board. The Board usually requires supervision arrangements for the following:


  • practitioners returning to practice after an absence of five or more years;

  • overseas qualified practitioners;

  • practitioners who have a condition on their registration or who have entered into an undertaking that requires supervision; and

  • practitioners who hold a type of limited registration where supervision is a requirement of registration

What Astrud cannot provide is support in the areas of complex assistive technology and home modifications.

Book a free 15-minute consultation via phone call or Zoom  to determine if Astrud would be a great fit for your supervisory needs.

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