What to expect during online OT sessions

Accessing occupational therapy services online is unconventional, and is often unheard of. Conventional methods for accessing therapy usually include traveling to a building offering space that is specifically organized to provide therapy services in person.

In recent months (or dare I say the past two years) the amount of available space in-person has been significantly decreasing. With most clinics holding waitlists that could last 6 to 12 months, and the urgent need for therapy constantly on the rise, many families are left "in limbo" with often no direction or proper support towards helping their child.

This is where telehealth/telepractice/teletherapy comes in. (If you'd like to know more about telehealth, you can check out another blog post of mine.) Through secure video conferencing (like Skype, but there are other advanced ways to do this as well), parents can link in with experienced therapists who can provide consultation, offer problem-solving techniques, or even complete direct therapy with their child!

Instead of being in-person, therapists and parents or their child can still sit face-to-face but this time, through a screen.

Three things to expect during online therapy with The Digital OT:

1. You will be supported throughout the entire process

Beginning from your initial 15-minute consultation up until your last appointment, you will be guided through a step-by-step process ranging from setting up your devices at home or developing necessary tools or resources needed for therapy to liaising with the important health team surrounding your child (GPs, Paediatrician, Teachers, even your Local Area Coordinator or Plan Manager if your child is an NDIS participant).

2. Discussions are secure, and documentation is also complete securely as best practice methods dictate.

The Digital OT uses Zoom for all video conferencing sessions as they offer secure "meeting rooms". Note that you will not need to purchase it yourself as its basic plan is free to use by everyone and anyone! For note-taking and documenting purposes, The Digital OT uses Cliniko which is one of the leading client management systems in the world. If you request it, a copy of these notes can be forwarded to you upon completion.

3. You will be supported by an experienced, compassionate, and dedicated therapist

Astrud Craig has close to a decade's worth of experience primarily in paediatrics. Throughout the years she has been trained and mentored by other very experienced clinicians who are considered experts in their field. At the same time, she's had the opportunity to work across multidisciplinary teams in various private practice centers and is forever committed to continuing education for herself, other clinicians, and parents.

Through secure video conferencing, Astrud can listen to your concerns about your child or answer questions regarding your child's development just like you would when you go to a therapy clinic. The only difference is you can be in the comfort of your own home and won't have to worry about having to organise yourself and the kids into a car or transport.

Astrud will focus on empowering you as parents by helping you develop the skills and tools you need to fully support your child, as she believes that helping parents learn to be the therapists to their child--whom they see every day--allow for therapy gains to last longer.

So what are you waiting for? If your child needs to see an occupational therapist and/or if you are on a lengthy waitlist to see your local therapist, why not try a session or two with Astrud to see if this could be a way to support you in the moment?

Booking sessions is as easy as 3 steps:

Book your first 15 minute free consultation.

Book ongoing sessions.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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